Part 2: Great Joy

Two weeks ago, our second son was born. We named him Stephen Lucas. Jodi and I are delighted, obviously. Even our relatives, friends and our church family rejoiced with us. There is indeed great joy when a new life was born, when a new member of the family arrived. We are glad because Stephen is God's gift to us. And with this gift from God, you also celebrate with us.


Your Chief Happiness

If you will ask a person what he will choose between Heaven and Hell, the most likely answer you will get is "Heaven." Of course. But isn't it proper and healthy for our soul to ask ourselves what really our "chief happiness" is? Do we want Heaven as a way of escaping the sufferings of... Continue Reading →

(Un)Happily Doing Wrong

<< The Pursuit (Psalm 119:2) Many people, young and old alike, seek pleasure in sex before or outside of marriage. Some government officials amass millions from public coffers. We often hear stories of children disregarding their parents’ authority or of parents neglecting their parental responsibilities by neglect or overwork. All of these happen because people... Continue Reading →

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