Part 1 – Don’t Read the Psalms

"As you read this portion of God’s Word, make these prayers to God your own, and consider the ways these Psalms are good news to us — expressing the full range of our emotions, and ultimately bringing our minds to rest on the finished work of Christ on behalf of sinners" (ESV Gospel Transformation Bible). As you meditate on the psalms, meditate on Jesus.

Deeper and Wider (Isaiah 12)

Totoo namang napakaespesyal ng araw na ito. 30th Anniversary ng BBCC. Pero di tulad sa nakagawian kapag anniversaries, wala pong special guest speaker ngayon. Pero merong special Word from God. Not just for our church, but for all of you. I take seriously the prophetic role God has given me to preach the gospel and... Continue Reading →

On Bible-informed worship leading

In the span of just one month, I’ve been to quite a few places in Luzon for youth camps, several youth conferences, and youth gatherings. You will not be able to separate music from these types of gatherings, so there we were (me and some of the young men I’m discipling), and we sang and... Continue Reading →

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