Hindi Mala-lockdown ng Coronavirus ang Word of God

Because of this pandemic, mas lalo pa ngang nagiging viral ang Word of God. And in that we rejoice. Walang anumang forces in nature ang may kapangyarihang kumontrol sa Word of God. Hindi mo pwedeng i-lockdown ang salita niya. "The word of God is not bound” (2 Tim. 2:9).

The Story of the Sower, the Seed, and the Soil

Jesus' parable of the sower in Matthew 13 both confronts and comforts us. For us who listen to his words, this parable confronts our hearts by challenging us to examine if we are bearing fruit in obedience or not. For us who preach the gospel to others, it comforts us by encouraging us not to... Continue Reading →

God-Centered Preaching (and Listening)

Preaching every Sunday morning is tough. It's tough not just because of the hard preparations that come with it. It's tough because preachers compete with a lot of messages people hear from Monday to Saturday. There are social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We are being fed with a lot of information about the... Continue Reading →

You and Jonah

If God draws near through his word and billions of people in the world still live a life totally separate from God, then we must do something. We who are now near to God because of his Word through Jesus Christ are given the mandate to bring this same Word to them. By "we" I... Continue Reading →

Words and Intimacy

The use of words and good communication patterns are important in strengthening human relationships. Two people start becoming friends and become closer to each other as they spend time with each other - telling and listening to each other's stories. A man and a woman know each other more and fall in love with each... Continue Reading →

A Prayer to Persevere (Psalm 119:5)

If you are a Christian, you desire to obey God’s commands. If there is no longing to live according to God’s revealed Word, if there is no pursuit after God’s holiness, then there is no true Christian discipleship. It is sad to see that many in our churches are wearing the “Christian” nametag but are... Continue Reading →


Some Christians are taking the Word of God lightly. They hear God’s instructions clearly but are still stubborn in their refusal to follow his leading. They make excuses. They look at some part of the Scriptures as not applicable to them and their situation. They dismiss Jesus’ radical demands about discipleship in the areas of... Continue Reading →

(Un)Happily Doing Wrong

<< The Pursuit (Psalm 119:2) Many people, young and old alike, seek pleasure in sex before or outside of marriage. Some government officials amass millions from public coffers. We often hear stories of children disregarding their parents’ authority or of parents neglecting their parental responsibilities by neglect or overwork. All of these happen because people... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit (Psalm 119:2)

<< Blessed (Psalm 119:1) We all live by letting certain life principles or personal convictions guide or direct our thoughts, words, or actions. For example, the one who won the 700 million-peso jackpot in the lottery believes that luck may come his way. He spends 10 or 300 pesos believing that he has the right... Continue Reading →

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