Bakit Namamali ang Response Natin sa Suffering?

Parehong Christians at non-Christians ang nakakaranas ng adverse effects ng coronavirus. Pero dapat magkaiba ang responses natin - deeper trust in for God and more love for our neighbors. Merong ilang mga various reasons kung bakit sa halip na maging iba ang response natin, nagiging pareho lang din nila ang approach natin about suffering and evil.

Daily Dose of Grace for a Pastor’s Soul

"Why did I even become a pastor?" That's the question I mumbled to myself last Thursday. I can't recall asking myself that question since I became a pastor more than six years ago. Yes, there were many times that the unique challenges of my vocation confront me. I already know that pastoral ministry is hard work... Continue Reading →

When God’s Commands Seem Absurd

Most of us are probably familiar with the story of Abraham offering up his son Isaac as a sacrifice in Genesis 22:1-19. Here God tested Abraham’s faith by commanding him to do what seems to be irrational and absurd. Abraham, though, obeyed without hesitation or delay. He trusted God even when he does not know... Continue Reading →

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