Marriage and God’s Story

A lot of marriages fail because the husband or the wife or both failed to live their lives under The Story of God written in the Bible. What is this Story? And what does it have to do with the love story of a man and a woman who committed themselves in a life-long covenant called... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk about God’s Story (Week 2)

Here's the story guide for the second week of talking through God's story. This guide features stories of Cain and Abel, and Noah and the Flood. Talk about these stories in your small group, in your family, or with non-Christians. For Week 1, go here.

Listen to God’s Story (Chapter 2)

God created everything and he saw it as very good. Adam and Eve worshiped and walked with God. They have everything they need. They were enjoying their life in the Garden. But when you look at our world today, something has gone terribly wrong. What happened with God's good creation? Why are people today in... Continue Reading →

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