Marriage and Singleness as Good Gifts (1 Cor. 7:1-11)

The gospel is all about Jesus. Si Jesus na namuhay sa mundong ito na isang single man, walang asawa, no sexual relationship, pero fully satisfied sa relasyon niya sa Diyos Ama. Single, pero the happiest man who walked on earth. Pero yung kanyang pagiging single was just part of the story. Dahil ngayon engaged siya to be married to a Bride, the Church, kabilang tayo dun.

God’s Beautiful Design for Marriage

Many people get into marriage without even thinking about the purpose why they are getting married. Several years into their marriage, if they are not living and relating to each other according to God's design, their marriage will end up either in divorce, adulterous relationships, emotional separation, and lack of intimacy and oneness of heart.... Continue Reading →

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