Part 3 – Singing and the Local Church

According to Colossians 3:16 and Ephesians 5:19, ang congregational singing ay indispensable part ng pagiging Christian at mahalaga if we are to grow into maturity as a body of Christ. Multi-dimensional, vertical (we sing to God and God speaks to us) and horizontal (we sing to one another). And these truths have implications for how we sing every Sunday morning

Part 2 – Singing and the Gospel

Meron tayong singing problem, kasi meron tayong worship problem. At kung meron tayong worship problem, meron tayong heart problem. The whole Story of God is the story of God redeeming his people - to be a singing people for him.

Part 1 – Singing and the Glory of God

We have to spend time to talk about congregational singing. We spend about 25-30 minutes of our worship service in singing. The rest is prayer, Scripture reading, and sermon. But we seldom take time to reflect why we sing and why it matters.

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