When Life is Hard

How do life’s hardships affect most Filipinos’ happiness? In a survey a few years ago, Filipinos ranked sixth among the happiest people in the world. In the most recent results, our ranking plummeted to 38th. But still, Filipinos can be considered a relatively happy people.  In fact, the March 2008 Social Weather Survey indicates that 34% of adult Filipinos are Very Happy, 46% Fairly Happy, 16% Not Very Happy, and 3.6% Not At All Happy.  When you asked most Filipinos, they will say that the number one factor that makes them happy even when life is hard is family or relationships. Sadly, spiritual reasons ranked sixth. Filipinos can sing, laugh, make fun, and amuse themselves during hard times. We Christians are called not just to be happy and smile during times of hardship, we are called to rejoice. And I know we are and we can. But what God wants from us is to have different reasons, deeper and greater, than most Filipinos.

My goal in this sermon series is for us to see how we can glorify God in our response to life’s hardships, by learning from Paul’s example and exhortation to the Philippians in the first chapter.

Part 1 – Rejoicing When Life is Hard

Part 2 – Magnifying Christ When Life is Hard

Part 3 – Serving Others When Life is Hard

Part 4 – Standing Together When Life is Hard

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