Prayer Rocks the World

May 25, 2009. Yesterday, after meeting with our Elders at the church, I felt the pressure of carrying the burden as pastor of the church. This is heavy for me. This is beyond me. I felt tired. I felt weak. The Lord impressed upon me to apply immediately what I have preached that morning: He wants me to pray. Yesterday morning I preached on Prayer and Our Missionmy first sermon after a five-week absence because of my Team Internship in San Pedro, Laguna.

This is the first of a series of sermons on prayer I entitled Prayer Rocks the World. My vision for our church is for us to see the power of prayer to change lives, families, and nations for the glory of God.

My task as a pastor is too heavy for me. The task of bringing the gospel of redemption to a fallen world is too heavy for us. Join me in prayer, “Lord, give us the strength to do the things you want us to do. May your Holy Spirit and the power that comes from him make us effective witnesses of the gospel to many people. We cannot do it with our own resources. We need the resources of heaven to fulfill our mission here on earth. May you grant us our heart’s desire. Amen.”

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Part 1 – Prayer and Our Mission

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Part 2 – Jesus’ School of Prayer

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Part 3 – Alone with God in Prayer

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Part 4 – Meaningless vs Meaningful Prayer

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Part 5 – “Our Father in Heaven”

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Part 6 – “Hallowed Be Your Name”

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Part 7 – “Your Kingdom Come”

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Part 8 – “Your Will Be Done”

Part 9 – “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”

Part 10 – “Forgive Us Our Debts”

Part 11 – “Deliver Us from Evil”

Part 12 – “A House of Prayer for All the Nations”

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