Following Jesus (Sermons 21-30)

Feb. 6, 2011  ||  Love Your Neighbor as Yourself ||  Matt. 22:34-40

The second greatest commandment does not just read “Love your neighbor.” The phrase “as yourself” is crucial especially for self-centered men and women like us.

Feb. 27, 2011  ||  Let Not Man Separate (Part 1) ||  Matt. 19:3-6

God has a beautiful design for marriage. Distortions of his design lead to tragic consequences for the individual, family, and society.

Mar. 6, 2011  ||  Let Not Man Separate (Part 2) ||  Matt. 19:7-9

Men and women throughout history are distorting God’s design for marriage. In this sermon, we will look at how adultery, divorce, and remarriage are damaging marriage relationships.

Mar. 13, 2011  ||  Let Not Man Separate (Part 3) ||  Matt. 19:10-12

God-centered marriage is good,  but God-centered singleness is also good. What makes singleness good and how can there be true happiness even when you are single?

Mar. 27, 2011  ||  Let the Children Come to Me ||  Mark 10:13-16

Parents must have a deep love and great dream for their children. Not by merely providing them material things, but by leading them to be followers of the Lord Jesus.

Apr. 3, 2011  ||  Love One Another as I Haved Loved You ||  John 13:34-35

What makes the command to love one another a new commandment? How are we to love like Jesus loved us? If we love like Jesus, what will happen as a result?

Apr. 10, 2011  || Love Your Enemies ||  Luke 6:27-36

It is easier to love people who are nice to us. But enemies? That’s difficult! What makes Jesus’ command difficult and why does he want us to do something as difficult as enemy-love?

May 22, 2011  || Humble Yourselves, Do Not Boast 1 ||  Matt. 23:1-12

The Pharisees were Jesus’ Exhibit A in teaching his disciples about different forms selfish and sinful pride take. In Matthew 23:1-12, Jesus also warns us about the danger of pride.

May 29, 2011  || Humble Yourselves, Do Not Boast 2 ||  Matt. 23:11-12

Pride must be replaced with humility. In this sermon, we will see different expressions or illustrations of humility which the Lord Jesus wants to see in us.

June 5, 2011  ||  Magpakatotoo, ‘Wag Magkunwari 1 || Matt. 23:13-36

God hates hypocrites. Discover in this sermon several forms of hypocrisy evident in the life of the Pharisees. See how we can fight this dangerous sin in our life.