The Gospel: Deeper+Higher+Wider

Every year, every moment, we can make resolutions related sa gospel kasi the gospel is like the deepest ocean. Kahit nakapag-scuba dive ka na, di mo pa rin nasisisid ang pinakailalim nito. It is also like the highest mountain. Kahit nakapag-hike ka na, di mo pa rin naaakyat ang pinakatuktok nito. It is also like the widest field. Kahit nakapagsimula ka nang magtravel, di mo pa rin nararating ang pinakadulo nito.

May we Christians resolve, this year and beyond, to grow deeper in our affection for Jesus, higher in our adoration of God, and wider in our ambition for the spread of the gospel and the glory of God among all the nations.

For this gospel ambition, kailangan ng manpower, ng pera, ng training, ng strategies. But what we need most is the gospel. Only the gospel can truly motivate us. Only the gospel through the Spirit can empower us.

The Gospel (John 3:34-36)

The Gospel: Deeper (John 4:1-18)

The Gospel: Higher (John 4:19-26)

The Gospel: Wider (John 4:27-42)

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