Dynamic Prayer Meeting Study Guides

Dynamic Prayer Meeting Study Guide (English)

This study guide is based on John Franklin’s And the Place Was Shaken: How to Lead a Powerful Prayer Meeting. The leader’s guide can be downloaded for free at LifeWay.

Dynamic Prayer Meeting Study Guide (Filipino)

Week 1 Expectations for the Next 26 Weeks

Week 2 The Importance of Praying With Others

Week 3 Why God Designed Prayer

Week 4 Continuing in Prayer

Week 5 Begin Prayer Meeting with God

Week 6 Connecting with God’s Presence

Week 7 The Importance of the Heart

Week 8 Love for God

Week 9 Praises and Thanksgiving

Week 10 Worship

Week 11 Confession and Repentance

Week 12 Faith

Week 13 Passion

Week 14 Seek First the Kingdom

Week 15 Desiring the Kingdom

Week 16 Praying for Believers

Week 17 Praying for the Lost and Societal Impact

Week 18 Recognizing and Responding to God’s Activity

Week 19 Recognizing God through Scriptures

Week 20 Recognizing God in His People

Week 21 Recognizing God in Our World

Week 22 Presenting Your Personal Petitions

Week 23 Praying with Other People

Week 24 Being in One Accord

Week 25 Ways God Works in Small Groups

Week 26 Close in Celebration