Idol-Exposing X-Ray Questions

Use these questions to confess your sins and bring your idols to the light. Madi-discover n'yo na your idols that you hold so dear for so long will always disappoint you. Then, pag-usapan n'yo si Jesus at kung paanong siya at ang ginawa niya para sa atin ay infinitely better than all our idols put together. And he will never disappoint. Not ever.

Fight Clubs: A Primer

Nais ng Diyos sa bawat isang tagasunod ni Jesus ang magtagumpay laban sa kasalanan at patuloy na lumago sa pananampalataya at pagkakatulad kay Jesus. Isa sa pinakamabisang paraang ginagamit niya para dito ay ang pakikipag-isa natin sa ilang mga kapatid natin kay Cristo para sa labang ito. Kailangan natin ang bawat isa sa labang ito.... Continue Reading →

Part 4: How to Fight Together

"Upon becoming a Christian, we are inducted into a Fight Club, the Fight Club of faith." "...I discovered that when the gospel was the focus of our fighting, Fight Clubs were much more effective in promoting God-honoring discipleship." ~ Jonathan Dodson, Fight Clubs: Gospel-Centered Discipleship Introduction  |  Part 1  |  Part 2  | Part 3... Continue Reading →

Part 3: Why Fight Together

...change is something God intends his people to experience together. It's a corporate goal. What God does in individuals is part of a larger story of redemption that involves all of God's people through the ages. (Paul Tripp, How People Change, p. 77) Being involved with people is time consuming, messy, and complicated. From our point... Continue Reading →

Part 2: How to Fight

This sermon shows biblical strategies for fighting sin. It also exposes our common yet unbiblical approaches in dealing with sin in our lives. Introduction  |  Part 1 Desire to Overcome Sin Meron akong kaibigang nakausap kamakailan lang. Committed Christian siya. Aktibo sa ministry. Nagtuturo ng Salita ng Diyos. Pero malalim ang struggle niya sa... Continue Reading →

Fight Clubs Part 1: Why Fight For the introduction to this sermon series, click here. The Christian Life as a Fight The Christian life is a life-long fight. The question is not, "Are you fighting?" But "What kind of fight are you fighting?" Serious Fight We are all fighting against something and for something in one way or another. Kapag... Continue Reading →

Fight Clubs: An Introduction

Beginning this Sunday (March 16) I'm planning to take a four-week break from our church's current sermon series (The Story of Jesus) to give way to a short series entitled Fight Clubs. In more than five years of serving as pastor of our church, I have seen how Christians struggle in many areas of their life.... Continue Reading →

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