Longing for God’s Presence (Psalm 119:8)

I will keep your statutes; do not utterly forsake me! I need God's presence in my life. Not just for a moment or for a long time, but forever. Not just when tragedy strikes me, but also when blessings abound. Not just in this life, but more so in the life to come. I need... Continue Reading →

Word and Worship (Psalm 119:7)

For a lot of people, the word rules has negative connotations. It is something that is restrictive, limiting and controlling. Our desire for independence and self-rule causes us to dislike rules imposed by others, including God's rules written in his Holy Book - the Bible. We complain that it is a burden too heavy for... Continue Reading →

No Shame (Psalm 119:6)

"Nakakahiya" ("I feel ashamed"). Filipinos say that when trying to borrow money from someone to whom they have no close relationship; when caught doing "shameful" acts like stealing or adultery; when falling short of people's expectations in school or at work; when someone speaks something humiliating against them in public, whether the charge was true... Continue Reading →

A Prayer to Persevere (Psalm 119:5)

If you are a Christian, you desire to obey God’s commands. If there is no longing to live according to God’s revealed Word, if there is no pursuit after God’s holiness, then there is no true Christian discipleship. It is sad to see that many in our churches are wearing the “Christian” nametag but are... Continue Reading →

Safe Trip

The Christian life is one long journey. Our pilgrimage begins when God changed our heart to start knowing, believing, and following Jesus. The end of this road is the beginning of our eternity with God, infinitely better than this present life. But before we get there, we need to travel this earthly road. Along this... Continue Reading →


Some Christians are taking the Word of God lightly. They hear God’s instructions clearly but are still stubborn in their refusal to follow his leading. They make excuses. They look at some part of the Scriptures as not applicable to them and their situation. They dismiss Jesus’ radical demands about discipleship in the areas of... Continue Reading →

(Un)Happily Doing Wrong

<< The Pursuit (Psalm 119:2) Many people, young and old alike, seek pleasure in sex before or outside of marriage. Some government officials amass millions from public coffers. We often hear stories of children disregarding their parents’ authority or of parents neglecting their parental responsibilities by neglect or overwork. All of these happen because people... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit (Psalm 119:2)

<< Blessed (Psalm 119:1) We all live by letting certain life principles or personal convictions guide or direct our thoughts, words, or actions. For example, the one who won the 700 million-peso jackpot in the lottery believes that luck may come his way. He spends 10 or 300 pesos believing that he has the right... Continue Reading →


<< Desiring God's Word (Intro to Psalm 119) It is a universal truth that all people, without exception, want to be happy. But the problem is, we define happiness wrongly or in a very limited way. We pursue our happiness in the things that bring only temporal pleasure, but in the end do not really... Continue Reading →

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