2019 Pastors Conference Workshops Preview

We invite you to pray for our workshop facilitators for this year’s Pastors Conference (Gospel Awakening) to be held on Oct. 30-31. If you intend to come but have not yet registered, you can do it here.

#1 – Exposing the Dangers of the Prosperity Gospel

This workshop will focus on prosperity theology – its origins, its errors, and how we may gain discernment to protect ourselves and our churches against its influence.

Allan Luciano graduated from The Master’s Seminary (California, M. Div.) in 2009 and now serves as Dean of Biblical Studies at The Expositor’s Academy (TEA), a ministry that serves pastors in the Philippines by providing training and resources in expository preaching.

#2 – Making Sense of Reformed Spirituality Today

Post Tenebras Lux was the slogan of the Reformation 500 years ago – “After Darkness, Light.” Darkness is what describes the lack of moral compass in our society and even in some churches today. Adopting Reformed Spirituality in our Christian life would set us up like a beacon in our troubled society. Focusing on the historical impact of the Reformation, this workshop seeks to address contemporary social concerns, including poverty and gender issues.

Rod Santos, author of Turned Off by Church, graduated DMin from Westminster Theological Seminary, and is now serving as a volunteer pastor at Greenhills Christian Fellowship – West and adjunct faculty at International Graduate School of Leadership.

#3 – Gospel-Centered Accountability (Day 1 only)

Sin thrives in isolation. This is one of the main reasons why many Christians fall. Pastors and church leaders are not exempted. Others solve this problem by strict/legalistic accountability or by placing authenticity in community as the highest virtue. This workshops aims to help church leaders center their discipleship relationships in the gospel. We will explore how the gospel forms a true, biblical community and how it drives us to honestly confess our sins, focus on Jesus and experience Spirit-wrought transformation.

Derick Parfan graduated MDiv from International Graduate School of Leadership in 2011. He now serves as leading pastor of Baliwag Bible Christian Church (Baliuag, Bulacan) since 2009, adjunct faculty of IGSL since 2012, and lead teacher/writer of Treasuring Christ PH.

#4 – Training Younger Leaders toward Gospel-Centrality

The goal for the local church is to ground every facet of its ministries on the Gospel — especially as you train younger leaders who will take on the church leadership in the future. We need to be clear that certain youth and young pro strategies used in churches today do little in grounding our young leaders on the Gospel. We need to be intentional in teaching our next generation of leaders the importance of a God-given passion towards the Gospel for the future of our churches.

John Hofileña started in Joy Christian Fellowship (Intramuros, Manila) as youth leader and music team leader. In 2009, he became their youth pastor. He now serves as lead pastor of the church since 2015.

#5 – Preaching the Gospel in an Age of Unbelief (Day 2 only)

In an age of unbelief – when church people are leaving the faith for the World – there is a need for Christ-saturated pulpits. There is surely a correlation between the growing number of Church people who fall away from the faith and the ever-becoming-practical preaching in Churches. In addressing the danger of falling away, the apostle Paul exalted Christ’s supremacy. An expository, biblically-grounded, Christ-centered preaching is the crucial need of our time.  Pastors and churches should have a strong conviction of it if they are to persevere in this unpopular way of preaching and, thus, preserve their people.

Enteng Ramoneda studied MA Pastoral Theology at Cebu Graduate School of Theology. He now serves as Head Pastor of Living Word Bonifacio Global City.

#6 – The Gospel and Church Membership

A biblical understanding of church membership is necessary for any local church to be faithful and healthy. Sadly, we currently see the de-emphasizing and downplaying of the nature and importance of local church membership. Failure to understand and apply church membership matters came from a deficiency in a biblical theology of the Trinity, the Gospel, and the Church.

John Leones graduated MDiv from International School of Theology – Asia (now IGSL) in 2007. He is the founding and senior pastor of Borongan City Evangelical Church in Borongan City, Eastern Samar since 2010.

#7 – Ordinary Pastor: How God Uses a “Common” Gospel Minister to Display the Glory of Christ

This workshop will explore principles of gospel servanthood and point to the examples of lesser known workers like Epaphras, Epaphroditus, Archippus, etc. This workshop aims to encourage us “ordinary”, unnamed, non-VIP, non-celebrity ministers whom God was pleased to use to accomplish his great purposes.

Oscar graduated MDiv from ISOT-Asia (now IGSL) in 2004 and serves as one of the pastors of Higher Rock Christian Church (Quezon City) since 2004.

#8 – Good News About Work: How Our Everyday Work is a Part of God’s Mission

This workshop will explore the role of work in creation, fall, and redemption. We’ll see how our work is transformed through the gospel and becomes an integral part of how we love God, love our neighbor, and participate in the mission of God.

Andrew Heyd serves at the International Graduate School of Leadership along with his wife, Suzanne. He has a ThM in OT Studies from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and enjoys studying how the Pentateuch points us to Jesus.

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