2019 Pastors Conference Plenary Sessions Preview

Pray with us that the Spirit will cause our hearts to have a “gospel awakening” as we listen to the preaching of the gospel during our 2019 Pastors Conference in October 30-31. If you intend to come but have not yet registered, you can do it here.

Jurem Ramos – Soli Deo Gloria Christian Church (Davao City)

#1 – No Other Gospel: Legalism, Antinomianism and the Gospel (Gal. 1:6-10)

In what ways is the gospel denied, distorted or minimized in our churches today? Why is it urgent that we have a right view of the gospel? What is at stake here? What is the gospel? Why do pastors and church leaders have a solemn obligation to proclaim and protect it?

Eric Hernandez – Sovereign Grace Baptist Church (Baliuag, Bulacan)

#2 – Holy, Holy, Holy: Rediscovering a Vision of the Holiness of God (Isa. 6:1-7)

A rediscovery of the gospel begins with a vision of the holiness of God. What does it mean for God to be holy? Why is a “God-entranced vision of all things” crucial for gospel awakening both in our individual lives and in our churches? How should this vision of God’s holiness motivate us in our own personal pursuit of holiness and in helping our churches progress in sanctification?

#3 – None is Righteous: The Sinfulness of Sin and the Folly of Works-Righteousness (Rom. 3:9-20) – Jurem Ramos

When we come face to face with the holiness of God, the more we have an accurate view of ourselves, the more we see the depth of our depravity. How is exposing our fallen condition crucial for understanding the good news of the gospel? And why this “fallen condition” also includes our futile attempt to justify ourselves before God?

#4 – Righteous in Christ: How the Cross of Christ Became for Us Redemption, Propitiation, and Justification (Rom. 3:21-26) – Jurem Ramos

Our desperate condition drives us toward the perfect righteousness of Christ as the only way for us to be right with God. Why is the law insufficient to provide us the righteousness required of us? What did Christ’s perfect obedience and his sacrificial death on the cross accomplish for us? What is meant by the biblical terms substitution, redemption, propitiation and justification, and why are they crucial in having a firm grasp of the gospel message?

Franco Ferrer – International Baptist Church of Manila (Makati City), iDisciple Philippines

#5 – Christ in Me: The Life of Faith from Beginning to End (Gal. 2:20-3:6)

We are justified by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.Why is faith the appropriate response to Christ’s finished work on the cross? What is “union with Christ” and why is this important in our understanding and living the Christian life? Why is faith not just our initial response, but also a day-to- day response to the gospel? In what ways do we manifest self-righteousness and self-reliance in living the Christian life and doing our ministries? How does the gospel serve as a corrective to our “fleshly” tendencies? 

Derick Parfan – Baliwag Bible Christian Church (Baliuag, Bulacan), Treasuring Christ PH

#6 – The Word of the Cross: Unleashing the Power of the Gospel for Personal and Corporate Renewal (1 Cor. 1:17-18; 15:1-10)

The gospel is “of first importance.” It is our church’s central message and primary motivation. Why do we need to have greater confidence in the supremacy of Christ and the sufficiency of what he has done on the cross? In light of contemporary trends that diminish the importance of gospel preaching, how are we to continue embracing the foolishness of the cross? What must change in how we preach and minister to our people? What should we expect from God if we will continue to be faithful in gospel ministry, even when we don’t see immediate and quantifiable results?

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