Samot-Sari #1

Free Audiobook: Reading the Bible Supernaturally (John Piper)

The Bible reveals glorious things. And yet we often miss its power because we read it the same way we read any other book. In Reading the Bible Supernaturally, best-selling author John Piper teaches us how to read the Bible in light of its divine author. In doing so, he highlights the Bible’s unique ability to reveal God to humanity in a way that informs our minds, transforms our hearts, and ignites our love. Ultimately, Piper shows us that in the seemingly ordinary act of reading the Bible, something supernatural happens: we encounter the living God. [July 2018 only!]

9Marks Journal: Pastoral Burnout: Its Causes and Cure

Jonathan Leeman: “Pastors experience burnout. Burnout isn’t so much about physical depletion, though that may be a variable. It’s about spiritual depletion. You spend all day ministering to people. But now you don’t possess the emotional and spiritual resources to continue ministering. You’re like a gas station with no gasoline left. Or a candle whose wick has burned down low…The end of burnout, the revivifying of your soul, won’t solely come through physical rest or a Sabbath. It will come through resting in the Lord of the Sabbath.” [includes free download in pdf, ePub, Kindle formats]

How to Affair-Proof Your Pastor (Jared Wilson)

“Adulterous pastors are found in both healthy and unhealthy congregations. There’s no way to keep a pastor bent on sin from sinning. Nevertheless, we’re all in this together. One part of the body cannot disregard another. Or, to employ another biblical allusion, we are our brother’s keeper. We may not be able to keep our pastor from falling — only the Lord can do that — but we can invest in his personal, marital, and ministerial health in such a way that the temptations are lessened.”

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