Part 7 – Faithful God, Unfaithful People (Psalms 105-106)

Note: This is not your usual sermon. I simply tell the stories embedded in Psalms 105-106 (they being historical psalms) and draw out briefly the theology of those stories. In response, you have to repeat the story to a partner, then share as thanksgiving your personal stories of God’s faithfulness (in part 1) and then share as your confession personal stories of your unfaithfulness and how God proves himself faithful still because of Jesus (in part 2). Then we sing in response to each psalm. So I encourage you to do the same to benefit from this resource.

Part 1 – A Story of God’s Faithfulness to His People (Psalm 105)

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Part 2 – A Story of His People’s Unfaithfulness (Psalm 106)

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  1. Ptr. gusto ko sanang madowload ang powerpoint mo mp3 lang pla ang nadownload ko. sana makuha ko po din ang powerpoint. thank you po if you will permit


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