Weaving the Gospel into My Heart

Image credit: www.amypeterson.net
Image credit: http://www.amypeterson.net

I realized that I could not consistently weave the gospel into my conversations with others until the gospel was woven deeply into my own heart. God showed me that I am a natural “law speaker;” I bring judgment much more easily that I bring grace. When I saw this, I began praying for God to give me a major heart change, to make the gospel central to everything I think, say, and do. Perhaps you see the same inclination and need for change in yourself. If so, pray that God will open your eyes more fully to the glory of what Christ has done for you. Learn to delight in reading about, meditating on, and rejoicing in Jesus’ completed work on the cross. When your soul, your thoughts, and your conversation are saturated with the gospel, it will overflow into other areas of your life, bringing hope and encouragement to others, even if you are talking to them about their need for repentance and change.

Ken Sande, The Peacemaker, p. 165


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