Every Story Casts His Shadow

Sixty six books. Dozens of authors. A holy canon thousands of years in the making.

Consider the works…accounts of history and law. Prophecy and poetry. Verses of wisdom and letters from friends.

Now. Look again. What do you see?

Behind the fallen creation, where the first son Adam led all humanity astray, there is the faithful Son, a new Adam who fulfills the promise and crushes the serpent’s head.

In the waters of the flood, just as God used Noah to save his family from judgement, there is a greater vessel by which all God’s children are saved.

On the altar of desperation, just as Isaac asked his father, “Where is the lamb for the sacrifice?” comes the answer from the wilderness, “Behold the lamb!”

For a thirsty people, just as Moses struck the rock in the wilderness, there is a Rock whose living water satisfies forever.

In the battle against Goliath, where an unlikely king became a champion for his people, we see the shadow of a greater King who defeats sin and death to claim our victory.

In the long exile of a people, Isaiah’s eyes were opened to a vision of salvation and the eternal journey of God’s people to the promised land.

Until finally, in humble manger lay the hope of the world, the King who reigns from a throne of straw to Calvary’s cross to the deathless tomb of eternal Easter.

Every story casts His shadow.

Every word, every verse, bears His testimony—the Holy Messiah. Jesus Christ. Eternal King.

This is from The Gospel Project. Here’s another video they created for kids.

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