Part 1: Promise Fulfilled

Part 01 - Promise Fulfilled

Waiting is hard. We don’t usually enjoy it. Especially when it comes to waiting on God’s answer to our prayers.

Maybe you’re now waiting for so many years for God to answer your prayer that he grant you and your husband a baby. But it’s not there yet.

Or maybe you’re praying that God will change the heart of your father and let him come to Jesus. But it seems like nothing is happening at all. And then you’ll say to yourself, “Maybe God has forgotten or maybe he’s not really listening and he doesn’t care at all.”

Waiting challenges our faith. And it reveals what we really believe about God.

You can listen, read, or download Part 1 of the sermon series The Story of Jesus entitled Promise Fulfilled below. I also encourage you to share this message to your friends.


Note: To download the audio (in mp3) and notes (in pdf), click the “menu” button on the bottom right corner of the sermon player.

Listen with presentation…

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