Where Amazing Happens

I’m an NBA fan. I like watching LeBron James and the Miami Heat. His plays dazzle me, especially when he dunks, gets “triple-doubles,” and wins a championship. Millions around the world also follow James and other superstars in the NBA. As their slogan says, in the NBA is Where Amazing Happens.


However, when you are looking for what is truly amazing, you don’t go to the NBA. You look to the church and what God is doing through the church and you will see ordinary people being transformed into being extraordinary because of the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. The church as God meant it to be is “where amazing really happens.”

Part 2To find out why I said that, click the image thumbnail on the left to listen, read, download or share the sermon The Spirit and the Church, part 2 of the 12-part sermon series The Story of God’s Church.

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