No Surrender

A few weeks ago, many of us got scared when we heard the news of severe flooding in Manila and nearby provinces brought about by strong monsoon rains. Some of you were probably affected by it. When we heard what other people suffered and saw the news footage on TV, we felt sad and some even began asking theological questions – questions like, “Is God doing something in times like this? If he is doing something, is he doing everything right? What is God’s purpose in doing these things or allowing these things to happen?”

Yes, God is at work 24/7. We already saw that in God’s message to the prophet Habakkuk. One good thing God was doing during this time of calamity was his sending of rescuers to those who badly needed help. Many of us applauded the acts of sacrifice displayed by these rescuers. The situation is difficult and dangerous. But that won’t deter them from rescuing those who needed their help.

Some drowned in the floods. That’s also the same situation of a lot of people who are until now under the judgment and wrath of God because of their separation from Christ (John 3:36). But those of us who were already saved by God were given a crucial responsibility of reaching out to rescue those who need help. God is at work, his people must also be at work. Even if it’s difficult, even if it’s dangerous, we will do everything we can to rescue many people (like Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:22). We will show and tell them how to have life in Christ and how to live that life in Christ.

The question for us is this: “Even if it’s difficult, will you still do it? Will you not quit when the going gets tough?”

Click here (or the image thumbnail on the left) to read, download or share the sermon God Perseveres to Rescue Us, chapter 31 in The Story of God sermon series.

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