Words and Intimacy

The use of words and good communication patterns are important in strengthening human relationships.

Two people start becoming friends and become closer to each other as they spend time with each other – telling and listening to each other’s stories. A man and a woman know each other more and fall in love with each other more as they spend quality time chatting, texting, and telling stories. When they get married, when this kind of good communication patterns stay, they will grow more intimate in their marriage. But when one or both begin to refuse to engage in meaningful conversations, or they speak to each other with insensitivity, anger, or malice, they will soon find themselves drifting away from each other and their marriage breaking apart.

We cannot deny the importance of the use of words in our relationship with each other, especially within our own family.

In our relationship with God, the same is true. God speaks in so many ways to get our attention, to draw himself closer to us, to pursue us when we are running away. How does he want us to respond? Why is it that many of us don’t feel that God is near? What seems to be the problem?

Click here (or the image thumbnail on the left) to read, listen, download or share the sermon God Draws Near through His Word, chapter 24 inThe Story of God sermon series. Story guides and story graphics are also available for download.

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