Even if it’s expensive, it’s nice to have a hair rebond. Ask your wife. But after a few weeks, no one will probably notice that you had a rebond. Except probably your husband!

It’s nice to buy the latest phone or gadget. But after a few months, there will be a new model and the one you bought will already be outdated.

It’s nice to have a boyfriend. But after some time, there will be a break-up. It’s good to get married, but after some time your partner may leave you for another man or another woman. Even if that doesn’t happen, one of you will die first, and your married life is over.

It’s nice to own a house, a brand new car, or a lot of money, but sooner or later you will die and leave everything behind.

There are things that are good and make us happy, but we need to realize they won’t last. Your dad promised to give you money for a hair rebond or to buy a new phone…that’s good. Your husband promised you on your wedding day that he will stay faithful to you….that’s good.

But what if we know that God promises to give us something that is much better than everything we have now. They are much better because they will last forever – it won’t fade, it won’t get lost, you won’t regret it, you won’t cry in the end, no one can take it away from you. How about that?

Click here (or the image thumbnail on the left) to read, listen, download or share the sermon God Promises an Eternal Kingdom, chapter 17 of The Story of God sermon series. Story guides and story graphics are also available for download.

If you want to listen to other sermons in this series, click here.

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