Finishing Well

Everyday, we are too preoccupied with small-time questions. Would I finish my studies? Would I finish my project at work? Would we get over our marriage problems? Would I finish paying up all my debts? Important questions, but not as important as the questions that relate to our salvation and the kingdom of God. If we are honest, we will admit that we hardly think of questions of that magnitude.

One day, someone asked Jesus, “Lord, will those who are saved be few” (Luke 13:23)? Many Jews believe that the kingdom of God is exclusively theirs, as God’s chosen nation. There were only few exceptions. So this man is asking about God’s plan in the last days. He is asking about the number of those who are saved.

Good question, but he still misses the point about the kingdom of God. That is why Jesus answered his question not with what he may want to hear but with a command that comes with a warning, “Strive to enter through the narrow door” (v. 24).

What does Jesus mean by this command? Why is it important? Is it only for non-Christians, or for Christians as well? To find out, read or listen to the last (41st) sermon in the series Following Jesus as Lord of All – “Strive to Enter through the Narrow Door.”

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