Safe Trip

The Christian life is one long journey. Our pilgrimage begins when God changed our heart to start knowing, believing, and following Jesus. The end of this road is the beginning of our eternity with God, infinitely better than this present life. But before we get there, we need to travel this earthly road. Along this road, God is molding us to be more holy and to become like his Son and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wherever you are on this journey, you know that there are many distractions surrounding you. There are many things in this world trying to stall us in this journey or tempt us to follow a different (more convenient, more comfortable) road. But the roads many people in this world are taking are different from that which God wants us to take. They will just lead us toward destruction.

So what should we do? To guide and direct us along the way, God has given us something so valuable that many are becoming foolish in neglecting it. I’m referring to a priceless treasure which is already in our hands, namely, the Bible – the written Word of God.

Why is it priceless? How does it guide us in our Christian journey? What should we do about it? Find out in this sermon entitled Suwabe ang Biyahe.


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