Don’t Lose What is Important

I don’t want to lose the greatest gift that the gospel brings, namely, God himself.

The message of the gospel – the good news about the death and resurrection of Christ and the salvation it guarantees for those who believe – is really good news!

By this gospel God declared me righteous through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

By this gospel God is doing his day-by-day cleansing of the impurities of my heart so that one day, I will stand before him pure and blameless in his sight.

By this gospel, I am saved. By this gospel, I am being saved.

These are enough reasons for me to treasure the gospel, not just at the beginning of my Christian life, but everyday.

I will treasure the gospel everyday. I will cling to it and stand on it. I will not lose it. It’s that important. Not only for me. But also for you.

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