One Day at a Time

The phrase this day and the word daily in the fourth petition in the Lord’s Prayer (Give us this day our daily bread) remind us that we need to “rely on the Lord one day at a time.” Here is how John MacArthur puts it:

The schedule of God’s provision for His children is daily. The meaning here is simply that of regular, day-by-day supply of our needs. We are to rely on the Lord one day at a time. He may give us vision for work He calls us to do in the future, but His provision for our needs is daily, not weekly, monthly, or yearly. To accept the Lord’s provision for the present day, without concern for our needs or welfare tomorrow, is a testimony of our contentment in His goodness and faithfulness.

One day at a time. However, the significance of that prayer is much more than that. When we pray, “Give us this day our daily bread,” we are saying, “Father, I wholly depend on your generous provisions for the day-by-day supply of my physical needs and that of others through me.”

[Read or listen to the sermon God’s Generous Provisions]

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