New Sermons in Taglish

I have posted the two latest sermons I preached in our church: Jesus’ School of Prayer and Alone with God in Prayer. These are second and third in a series of sermons about prayer: Prayer Rocks the World. Both of them were written in Taglish. I decided to write my sermons in Taglish for three reasons:

1. I preach sermons in Taglish. So I decided I better write it also in Taglish.

2. I am preparing Bible Study Guides for our small groups based on the sermons preached on Sundays. These manuscipts will be attached to those Bible Study Guides to help the small group leader prepare for their meeting.

3. Almost all who will read these sermons are Filipinos. We normally speak in Taglish.

That’s it. You can send me feedback or suggestions.

1 Comment

  1. I enjoy reading your Taglish, and definitely encourage you to keep on doing that. The language makes me feel at home! Although I personally always wrote my sermons either in purong Tagalog or in English, I recognize that really is not the language of the people in Metro Manila and I suppose not in Baliuag any more either.


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