Joyful Trembling

My wife and I were kneeling. Behind us were the presiding minister and the elders of our church. They were laying their hands on us. One hundred and fifty people were in front of us, doing the same thing. They were praying for us and consecrating us to God for this special service.

Both of us were crying. I sensed that more members were also crying because of joy. There is a kind of joy that is beyond our comprehension. This is joy unspeakable, indeed.

I felt God himself was giving his blessing and anointing me for serving him as pastor of our church. Yes, it is God. It is not man who called me to be a pastor. God did. And that is what matters to me…and to the church.

His sovereignty so visible. His grace so amazing. He is God. There is none like him. My heart wants to sing. Oh, I would sing to him forever…declare to people the great things he has done.

I am now our church’s Leading Pastor. Officially. The hard work is only beginning. The joy of being led by the grace of God is unending.

Right after the laying of hands, I led the church in celebrating the Lord’s Supper. I was trembling. I saw the weight of responsibility God has entrusted to me. Putting me as shepherd of his flock is no easy task. It is impossible…apart from his grace.

The truth is…I am not the shepherd. I am just an undershepherd. Christ is the Chief Shepherd of his church.

I will not forget the date. February 1. It was just yesterday.

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